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DIWALI: Southall delights in the festival of lights

Celebrated by members of the Hindu, Sikh and Jain communities worldwide, Diwali represents the victory of light over darkness. Symbolising the spiritual victory of good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance - the festival aims to highlight the importance of self-reflection during tough times, and the value of focusing on positivity. Offering colourfully vibrant homes that compliment Diwali’s focus on light, Network Homes have fantastic, Shared Ownership opportunities in this wonderful part of West London. Ready to move into, the homes at the Evolution development provide a modern lifestyle in a welcoming community brimming with character. With a fantastic range of one, two and three bedroom apartments available, which benefit from open plan living with a dining and kitchen area complete with private balconies and spacious bedrooms, the Evolution development offers sleek and spacious living in the culturally celebrated Solihull. With Shared Ownership opportunities, and prices starting from £75,000 for a 25% share – these properties will be in high demand.

This five-day celebration will run from November 2nd till November 6th, with each day typically having different rituals and traditions. Widely associated with Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, Diwali itself is celebrated on the third day of the festival – which falls on Thursday 4th November this year.  With the United Kingdom starting to enjoy normality after almost two years of isolation and uncertainty –Diwali represents strength through adversity – something we can all relate to in these troubling times.

With its strong Indian and Pakistani roots, Southall summons the spirit of Diwali with a community that perfectly symbolises the strong and stirring sensibility of all that the Festival of Light stands for. During that dark and gloomy time of year where the nights creep in earlier and earlier – bhangra music consumes the air, and an array of colourful sari’s fill the streets. The area comes alive with an aromatic onslaught to the senses, with street food stalls selling samosas and Indian deserts, and a visually vibrant backdrop providing a feast for the eyes with bright fabrics hanging in shop fronts. With a formidable sense of family, togetherness and community cohesion, you can count on the Southall residents to deliver all the delights that come with such a joyous event.

In 2020, festivities couldn’t reach their usual impressive climax due to covid. This year, the community will club together to provide a culturally immersive experience that welcomes both believers and those interested in learning about the faith of others.   Like the foundational followings of Diwali – Southall pushes out of the pandemic with purposeful positivity. Light has once again defeated darkness – This year The Festival of Lights luminates once again.

Happy Diwali!