You can change the language, contrast and text size on this website using the accessibility functions at the the top of the page.

Language selection

To change the language select 'Choose language' at the top of the page.  A drop down with a list of languages will appear.  Select the language you would like for the website. 

When you change the language for the website, a Google Translate toolbar will appear at the top of the page. To return to English, select 'Show original' in the Google Translate toolbar.

Please note, this function is operated by Google Translate and Network Homes is not responsible for how the translation reads.

Changing the website contrast

You can increase the contrast on the website. To change the contrast use the 'Contrast' button at the top of the page.  To increase the contrast select the '+' icon.  If you are already in high contrast and want to return to normal, select the 'O' contrast icon.

Increasing and decreasing the text

To increase of decrease the text size, us the 'Font size' buttons at the top of the page.  Font size button '+' will increase the text size and font size button '-' will reduce the text size.